MsE & Matt

I never wanted pets in Berlin in my apartment, I thought it would be unfair on either the cats or dog. If you going to have animals you will have to take the time to see that they also have a good life. After many years without pets I finally gave in an adopted MsE

On the English online platform “ToyTown – Berlin” there was an advert ” Fluffy grey cat” looking for a new home. On the 04.06.2010 MsE (Epponnee) moved into my life, a fluffy grey cat what a lovely soul, fussy but she made me laugh lots. I felt bad that I was at work for 8,5 hours and had a 1 hour commute to work and back so MsE was alone in my 62 square meter flat for 10,5 hours a day, therefore I thought get a 2nd cat, at least this way they will have one another for the hours that I am not there. On the 27.12.2011 Matt (Lütt Matten) joined us as a 12 week old kitten. It took forever for the two of them to connect, but I think they are happier together, they chase one another about the place and they drive me crazy, but they have also saved me in their own way.

Below is the link to the online photo-book of the 1st year of my cats

MsE and Matt

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More MsE and Matt photos are on my facebook profile